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Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice is a healthy grain which can be used for a variety of main or side dishes.

Feta and Courgette Omelette

Feta cheese is not vegetarian as it contains animal rennet. You can purchase vegetarian feta if cheese is you wish.

Grandmas Salmon Cakes

This is the second salmon cakes recipe I have included. Two reasons: it is a popular paleo recipe and this one seems very quick and easy which I think we can all agree is what we are often looking for!

Broccoli Dah Curry

ITwo of my favorite foods are curries and broccoli. I am also a big fan of onions. So maybe not have this if you are trying to impress someone new! It was simple and delicious- a keeper!

Keto Spinach Lasagne

When you start Keto, you may focus on what you will be missing. Lucky you wont be missing out on a yummy lasagne, with this Keto recipe.

Tuscan Chicken Bake

I thought this year I would ask our members to share some of their recipes. This one is from Kerrie.
“Tastes good and is easy. Great for a mid week dinner”
Thanks Kerrie

Spicy Roasted Chick Peas

I did not realize how good chickpeas can taste. They were the lentil I did not gravitate to until recently. I was buying them as a little snack, until the salt was actually giving me ulcers. This recipe brought to you from How sweet it is, does not!

Beware they can be addictive! The good news is you may have a few ingredients as staples in your cupboard.

Frozen Fruity Bites

Yoghurt is a great desert, its high in protein and you can find it easily in any supermarket. How can we make it more interesting? Try Frozen fruity Bites. These little beauties can be enjoyed by you, the kids and the grandkids. I personally love to have things all of us can enjoy.
I used natural yoghurt as a healthy option because it has no added sugar, but you could use any yoghurt flavor of your choice.
You can freeze them in the sticks shown above or silicone cup cake holders.

Protein Pancakes

I am always looking at ways to increase the protein in my diet. I often make protein muffins but recently I had a go at protein pancakes. I found one with no bananas and no oats, using only 4 ingredients!

San Choy Bow

This is a very quick week day meal that tends to slip our mind. I made this with pork in the thermomix and this is a tasty recipe which is easy and quick too. It remind me of the fact I can use lettuce to replace bread for other occasions.
Tip if you cannot trim the lettuce you can just add it in!

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