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Femme Fitale tailors its services to make it easier for women over 50 to achieve their goals. You can choose any of our services as well as get the support from women just like you on their own journeys to be better.

Your Femme Fitale membership includes everything you could possibly want in your health and wellbeing journey

Initial Consultation with Cathy

It’s important to start your full membership off right. That’s why you get an initial consult with Cathy by phone or email so that you have a clear plan for what you want to get from Femme Fitale. 

We know success with your health is driven by consistent improvements and actions so this session should help you set the right goals for you.

Live Exercise Classes

Join our live exercise, yoga or pilates classes via Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

5 days per week there is a live class so you can get the right start to your day. There is always the option of watching the replay at a later time as well.

Healthy Eating Advice

Your health and wellbeing is driven by what you eat as much as how you exercise. Our experts provide a wide range of healthy eating advice from nutrition plans, advice on dietary needs & foods you should eat.

We won’t be spruiking new diets and amazing cures. Just clear and simple advice and tips to make healthy eating a simple and easy part of your routine.

Yoga & Pilates Classes

Our members can watch yoga and pilates videos to their heart's content. Complete classes from the comfort of your own home.

With an extensive library available, take the time and read articles, tips and tricks on how to improve your flexibility, core strength or simply have more energy.

Physiotherapy Advice

Our members generally have their own local physiotherapist that they see for specific treatment. However, it's handy to be able to try and deal with muscular issues yourself.

Our content library will include a wide variety of physiotherapy advice for you to learn from and also help you in between visits to your local expert.

In addition to the services included in your membership, you can also have access to:


Have a 1-on-1 session with an expert

Expert Q&A

We have regular Q&A sessions with experts


Share & learn from a supportive group of women

Templates & Tools

Nutrition, Diet and Exercise plans available to all members

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