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Introduction to the Mediterranean Diet


As per one of my earlier articles, Introduction to Diet Culture and 5 popular eating styles, here is my favorite The Mediterranean Diet.

Introduction to  the 5 most popular eating styles. 

Part 1

The Mediterranean Diet 


Mediterranean Eating Style

According to Michael Mosley founder of the 5.2 diet, this is the best plan you can follow.

According to Wikipedia

The Mediterranean diet is a diet inspired by the eating habits of the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. When initially formulated in the 1960s, it drew on the eating habits of Greece, Italy, and Spain. In decades since, it has also incorporated elements of other Mediterranean cuisines, such as those in the Levant and North Africa.


Nuts and Bolts of this diet

  • Encourage eating with others
  • The focus is plant-based foods such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and vegetables
  • Lots and lots of fish and a little chicken
  • Dump the butter and replace with olive oil
  • Fresh herbs and spces for taste instead of processed sauces.
  • Wine in moderation -plays well with eating with others and enjoying food
  • Exercise is highly recommended.


Studies suggest this plan will help with stroke and some cardiovascular diseases.

  • May protect you from some cancers.
  • Easy to follow
  • Wine is allowed
  • Fights inflammation n


  • There is quite a lot of seafood on this plan, (especially fish) and those who love meat may find it difficult. Its recommended to have red meat only 2 times per month.
  • Preparation of food can take longer.
  • Eating with others is recommended and may not be your thing.
  • Eating out can be challenging as most restaurant foods are cooked in processed vegetarian
  • oil and not olive oil
  • No Asian or Mexican food on this plan

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