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Introduction to Diet Culture and the 5 most popular eating styles.


Weight loss is a 60 billion dollar business offering quick fixes resulting in fast results. For generations we are told there there is a right way to achieve a healthy happy attractive body and when we fulfil this goal we will be happy. Part of this is offering fad eating plans that are usually not sustainable.

Introducton to diet culture and the 5 most popular eating styles. 

For many years we have been told to live a fulfilling  happy life you must be thin.   Every where we look we see happy thin beautiful people in beautiful  settings looking happy. Part of this messaging is all about what we eat when we eat and how much.  The other disturbing thing is the messaging is focused on woman, and if we not fitting in size 8 jeans, we have failed. 

I don’t like using the word diet. Over the years, its definition has changed and it often follows connotations of restricting food, minimal results and falling back into bad habits. Over the next few weeks, I aim to show you a number of different ‘diets’ how they work, and their purpose. In this context, I want you to think about ‘diet’ as a style of eating.

There are a large amount of ‘diets’ and eating plans that circle the internet or get passed along the neighborhood. So many people, often women, take on these eating plans for a quick fix- but how often do they really show results? People who are not gluten intolerant choose gluten-free food in an attempt to lose weight, people cut cards and only consume high fats, some only consumer liquids and others go carnivore. There are a million different styles of eating, but they don’t work for everyone.

Following trends and fad diets does not help build a healthy attitude to food and often leads to bingeing or falling back into bad habits.

Femme Fitale is all about looking after yourself, committing to exercise and positive thinking- so ensuring you feed yourself in a balanced and healthy manner supports our mission.

It’s all about balance. If we look at the food pyramid, no food is bad or off-limits, it’s about having more of one group than the other and eating in moderation.

There are many eating styles out there claiming to be the miracle solution to weight loss, and that they’re the fastest and best way to lose weight and stay thin. We know this isn’t true, and I want you to think about it another way.

You may decide you might want to try one or two or not.

The key is to ask yourself

  • Do I like this type of food?
  • Can I see myself doing this long term?- e the rest of your life
  • Will it make me crave certain foods and therefore not be able to stick to it?

Even when following a certain eating style, it’s important to continue including exercise in your life. Exercise builds muscle, improves cardio health and keeps you fit- all things a perfect diet can’t do alone.

For me, I recommend balance and to treat all foods as allowable. It is the portions that matter- and exercise.

No one size fits all. We are all different. Our genes are different, our cultures is different  our lifestyles  are different and our tastes are different. 

In this series, we are going to review 5 eating styles and help you understand: 

  • What it is
  • The benefits
  • The drawbacks of each one.
  • Ideas for Breakfast lunch and dinner.
  • Recipe for one of the above.

The 5 eating styles we are going to be looking into are:

  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • The Keto Diet
  • The Intermittent Diet
  • The Paleo Diet
  • Low Carb Diet

Key takeaway is to feel good about whatever eating style works for you and it may not even be any of these. 




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