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I know how important it is to be supported on your life & wellbeing journey. After many years training women, I found that as I reached my 50’s, I discovered a lack of information and support for women my age. Femme Fitale changes that.

Our community is a great place to connect with women who are focused on their health and happiness.

We’re not just about squats and push ups – it’s an inclusive, positive space for women to get healthy, feel inspired, share ideas, and learn something new in a lively atmosphere. It’s about who we are, what we want & how we think.

We are beautiful

Take the first step with us in a supportive and caring environment

Femme Fitale gives you everything you'll need to guide you towards a happy healthy lifestyle

Live Exercise Classes

5 live exercise classes each week via zoom

Mentoring Sessions

Get the support you need from a variety of FF experts

Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Lots of advice, plans & community support to help with your lifestyle goals

Video Library

Exercise, Yoga, Pilates and Q&A discussions, available 24/7

Templates and Tools

Nutrition, Diet and Exercise plans available to all members

Community Support Network

Ask questions & get advice from members in our private online group

Invitations to Online Events

Free access to our live exercise and Q&A sessions

Personal Training & Mentoring

As an extra service, Cathy is available for 1-on-1 sessions

Live Classes

Watch exercise and yoga classes live or on replay


Reach your health & fitness goals with expert advice


Get the right nutritional advice for your age & shape


Get advice from a team of industry specialists

Over 1,500 women have
reached their goal

130 combined years
of expert advice

100+ hours
of video content

Success Stories

Get real results

Over 1,500 women have received real results and changed their lives

"Really convenient"

"It's fun!"

We have a team of experts ready to guide you on your journey


Fiona Kane

Nutritionist & Holistic Counsellor

With 15 years of practice, Fiona is dedicated to helping achieve your health goals through providing supportive, nurturing and informative practices to learn how to nurture and nourish your body and mind.

Paul Fioretto


After 20 years working with Paul, we trust him with all our members. His virtual sessions have proven very popular.

Melanie Moffatt


Clinical Nutritionist focusing on realistic nutritional support for women. 

Melinda Luck

Pilates Instructor

Our expert in managing acute & chronic conditions. She combines postural, core, flexibility, strength, stability and balance work to help you feel at your best.

Margaret Munoz

Health Consultant

Gives her clients the tools to empower their lives and create real and ongoing change in a practical and creative way.

Debbie Pask

Meditation Coach

Focuses on improving the energy that underpins our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Anne Vodicka

Image & Colour expert

Nurture your personal image to build self confidence and stronger self worth. Learn about how you can use colours & style to change how you look and feel.

Cathy Sparkes

Yoga Instructor

Bringing love and dedication, Cathy is a trained practitioner taking us through both intense & mindful yoga styled sessions.

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Cathy has carefully selected exercises to work your whole body. This eBook provides 7 great exercises from her extensive program that are a great starter for anyone trying to be healthier and happier. Definitely recommend it!

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